Get To Know Us

With almost a decade of experience, Portlaundry is the premier destination for laundry services in Portland and neighboring areas.

We’ve been in business since 2012 and we have grown to service multiple industries including, but not limited to:

  • Spas & Salons
  • Hospitals & Clinical Settings
  • Hospitality Businesses & Airbnbs
  • Residential Laundry
  • Public Sector (County, City, School districts, etc.)

We offer a more hands-on approach to our services. Attention to detail and a hands-on approach allow us to serve our clients with high efficiency — that is why we can handle large volumes. Laundry is no chore when you know what you’re doing.

Small, But Powerful As a POC business, we’re proof that the little things count. This is why our customers get consistent quality with our service. We take extra special care to ensure our clients are satisfied.

We’ve implemented environmentally friendly procedures like using reusable bags and people-friendly procedures like odorless detergent because we care. The devil’s in the details and we’ve got that covered.


We handle multiple industries so we can adapt to your needs


A detail-oriented team will get the job done right every time

Clean Practices

Eco-friendly practices for a greener economic footprint

Why You'll Love Us

Save Time and Money

Wash and Fold, drop-off and pick-up, and so much more — all for your convenience

Pickup and Delivery

On-demand laundry services to cater to your every need in the Portland tri-county area

Tailored Services

Have special requirements? Don’t worry about it. We can make adjustments just for you.