Commercial laundry services

(We've got your laundry needs covered)

Never worry about your commercial laundry needs. We've got you covered.

Let us handle your uniforms, linens, and other laundry for you. We help commercial clients from a number of industries, including:

Spas & Salons

Hospitals & Clinical Settings

Hospitality Businesses & Airbnbs

We can also handle COVID-19 exposed items, medical and biohazard material, and large volumes and we know the importance of sterilization for your safety.

In a hurry? We can also process rush orders.

We offer

wash and fold + pickup and delivery services for your convenience.

Wash and fold

You can now enjoy having your uniforms, linens, and other laundry for your business washed, dried, and folded and returned to you (ironing and pressing not included).

Pickup and delivery

Enjoy the convenience of having laundry picked up and delivered right when you need it. We provide pickup and delivery services for all of your laundry needs. We can also handle large commercial accounts as all of our customers’ laundry is thoroughly sorted to avoid any mix ups.